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Like a punch to the gut.

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I'm a reader, thinker, and writer obsessed with understanding the biggest facets of human life and living it well. I create science and action-based content and products to help you live healed and free.

Hi, I'm Sara

📚FACT: Loneliness – and rejection (which can lead to loneliness) – are processed in the same area of the brain that processes physical pain.

That’s why we use expressions like “heartbreak,” “punch in the gut,” and “slap on the face.” Makes so much sense doesn’t it?

Loneliness and rejection hurt like hell. This is still part of mother nature’s intention that we survive. Because we humans kind of hate pain, don’t we? I mean, I know I do. I’m an absolute baby about it. Give me a blanket and put on Harry Potter and please bring me Cheesecake Factory in bed and make it go away right now, please!

The logical reaction to pain is to try to make it stop – i.e., go find your tribe (and avoid getting eaten.) Back then, it was easy. Nowadays, you’d think it would be what with the 7 billion people in the world – not so much! Because we’re all busy and defensive and trying to solve global warming while mastering the latest dance on TikTok. The good news is that there are scientifically proven ways to lessen the pain and cure the loneliness. Stick with me.


You are not a weird exception to some rule by being in so much pain. You’re not feeling “too much.” You’re not being over-sensitive, and you’re not being over-dramatic. You’re just human. So please feel free to go get your favorite slice of cheesecake or another dessert – and please write me to tell me what it is because dessert is my favorite food group! Which could either be because I’ve been through a lot of pain or because my mother gave me bottles of apple juice when I was a baby… you decide.

Reflection Question:

Has loneliness ever felt like physical pain for you?