I've been a reader, writer, and deep thinker since age 6 when I would hide from the heat in the summers by writing stories in my garage. I've always been obsessed with understanding life and living it well. Also, healing, because trauma f'ed that life plan up a bit. You too? Stick with me!

As I dedicated myself to healing, I found that I achieved massive breakthroughs by acquiring - get this - knowledge. That's because the more I read books and articles, the more I found that some of the issues I was struggling with? BIOLOGICAL - aka NOT ALL MY FAULT. And other things? Were things proven to be things that all humans go through! aka I'M NOT THE LONE WEIRDO! And then of course, the best yet - proven ways to solve some of my biggest problems. 

I'm big on honesty, so here it is: I ain't no expert on life. Spoiler alert: neither are you (womp womp.) What I AM is someone who has gained a lot of knowledge AND a great synthesizer of information. I'm a pretty smart cookie, I just don't have it all figured out - but I love figuring it out and not only have I done a good job of figuring a lot of it out, I've figured out how to use my skills to help YOU do that in an awesome, easy, fun, and hassle-free way. 

Also, #globalwarming - plenty more reason for me to hide from the heat and plenty of goodies for you (although I'd rather we just save the planet.)

Hi, I'm Sara Beth,
Your new
book-&-boss-up bestie.

the down and dirty facts:

INFJ + e4w5 + Red hair with freckles = majestic unicorn. Fall. Mountains. When I say you look cozy, it's a complement. Blockbuster movies. Theaters with recliners and dinner service. Peace and quiet. Shade over sun. Kindle books, not paper, because I've moved too much. A willing victim of bread, cheese, and sugar. Could happily spend hours forest bathing with a journal. Millennial who remembers and longs for the "good old days." 

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